Flick Ranch

Bristlecone, left the ranch house vacant on June 30, 2013 for the first time in over 70 years.

SageWind operated with a staff of up to 40 employees and was one of the top training grounds in Reno for substance abuse and mental health counselors becoming certified/licensed human services professionals.

Using the original space with the additions contributed by the monks, SageWind was able to provide office space to the staff as well as temporary housing for young people in need of a safe domain while they worked through treatment or transferred from incarceration back into the community.

In 2002 SageWind merged with Northstar Treatment Center, an adult substance abuse treatment program, and became Bristlecone Family Resources. By 2005 the adolescent portion of the program closed and the adult population moved into the facility, receiving similar services. For the next 8 years the ranch house served the program well but the need for a more modern facility, within closer proximity of ancillary service providers, took priority and Bristlecone moved to a repurposed office building downtown.

In 1997 a growing non-profit organization named SageWind came upon the ranch house and found it to be the ideal location for their adolescent substance abuse treatment program. The only one of its size and scope in Northern Nevada, SageWind provided a wide range of services to teens and their families to include comprehensive assessments, outpatient and residential treatment, transitional living, mental health services, family counseling, early intervention, and career counseling.

The Treatment Center