Our Mission

The past is not the property of historians; it is a public possession. It belongs to anyone who is aware of it, and it grows by being shared. It sustains the whole society, which always needs the identity that only the past can give.

                                     Walter Havinghurst

Our mission is to preserve and enhance culture, heritage and historical architecture by renovating and repurposing the Flick Ranch Mansion. We commit to preserving the mansion for the use, education, and enjoyment of local residents and visitors of present and future generations. We will advocate for the revitalization and appreciation of Nevada's historic resources.

Help Save This Historic Mansion

Share it with the World!

If you can't donate your time, money, materials or services please share our project and our mission with the world. Talk about us, tell your friends and family, mention it in passing to a stranger and refer them to our website. Use the telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter, snail mail, telegram, whatever! Just help us spread the word. It takes a village to save a building!

Join Us

Why Save it?

Join our campaign to save this spectacular house from eminent demolition and adopt it into a caring community. Help us raise funds for its renovation or donate your time to our cause.  We need a volunteer staff to...

  • help with marketing and public relations
  • provide legal representation
  • write grants and business proposals
  • provide historic preservation expertise
  • fundraise

HELP SAVE NEVADA HISOTRY! The Flick Ranch Project, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity working to save Nevada history by renovating and repurposing this beautiful historic ranch mansion to serve as an example of adaptive reuse and to teach future generations about our roots.

Opportunity Abounds

Flick Ranch